Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Words of Life

It's been tense and stressful ever since school let out amid tornado sirens.  The girls have been fighting viciously from the minute they laid eyes on each other.  Steve has been out of town all week.  We had to hunker down in the basement due to the weather.  Our basement is a horrid mess because the boys are painting the walls and everything is a jumbled chaos in the middle of the room -  not to mention the "normal" mess and the garage sale stuff we've been gathering, as well as college supplies that haven't found a home yet.  

So, my window of tolerance was shattered.  I blew a gasket.  Then I blew another.  And another.  I think you could call it a tirade.  I finally put the girls in their rooms.  

A few minutes later, I walked into Cupcake's room to explain that I'm the one who needed the time-out, but since I can't leave them alone together while I lock myself up in my room, this was the only way to make sure everyone was safe.  

She was writing on her white board.  

These words. 

I can be nis to my sister.
(I can be nice to my sister.)

I am sry for not o baing you.
(I am sorry for not obeying you.)

I love you.  <3

Ples for giv me.
(Please forgive me.)



This is a first.  A huge first.

Good using your words, Baby.  :-)  

Good using your words. 

Blessings to you,


GB's Mom said...

Wow is right! Blessings.

ManyBlessings said...

That's HUGE!!! And I hope the weather stayed far, far away from you all!!!!

Kim said...

That is SOOO awesome!!! She wrote that without even being asked or provoked...I'm SO proud of her...she's growing by LEAPS and BOUNDS!!! Way to go Cupcake!!!

Laurie said...

OOhh, so precious!! Tears are welling up in my eyes--I know this is a big, big deal! My heart just soars with yours! {(HUGS)}
Love, Laurie

5ALLENZ said...

Hi- you visited my 5 Min Fri blog; I visited back. We have some stuff in common and I know how big this is for Cupcake. And for you. Thanks for keeping it real!