Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Minute Friday - On Forgetting



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Today's writing prompt:  On Forgetting.

So, here goes...

Sometimes I would like my kids to have selective memory.  I would like them to forget the weeks like this one, when their mom was a crazy-eyed screaming lunatic.  I pray that God would raise them up to love Him and walk in His ways in spite of my Grand-Canyon size faults.  I hope they forget the rants and the snarls and the growls, the rolled-eyes, sarcastic comments, and the deep sighs.  May they only remember the how much I love them, the genuine smiles, and deep connection.

That's it.  Five minutes is up.

Your turn to play.

Blessings to you,


Mollianne said...

Sweet Mamita, my children are grown and gone. I used to think that they would only remember those awful moments when I was at my wits end. But they don't. While I don't think they have forgotten those moments, they don't seem to dwell on them. Neither do I. Give yourself some grace, dear, and take a deep breath! Hang in there!

The Farmer Files said...

Sometimes I have that thought...oh Lord, do NOT let them remember today. Let it be the day they forgot that I lost it.

SLB said...

Mamita dear, don't worry, your love is overwhelming and it will masked all those negative moments in your children's life. We are just human and we act by impulse. Our children do understand. Sometimes i would have talks with my children, and they do remember those moments that i have gone crazy and they would laugh at it. In fact they are sorry because they trigger those events and they love us that they don't want us to have those feeling again. But kids are kids and we are human, we react when we reach our threshold limit. The most important thing is that we acknowledge those moments that we are weak and continually shower our kids with unconditional love. Shower them with love and they will remember all the beautiful memories.