Thursday, April 5, 2012

Be Still, My Heart!!!

Last night was a little rocky.  Not a lot of fun was had at our house after church, before bedtime. 

Cupcake went to bed with some unresolved feelings.

So did I. 

But, she woke up this morning to a new day (and a much rosier outlook.)  (Me, too.)

After school, she bounced in the door and handed me this:

Dear Mom I love
you so much your
the best thing that
ever happen to me
I love you a  alot
Mom.  Love (Cupcake)

Wow!  Is that sweet or what?

Plus, she drew a thin mom, with thick hair!  ;-)

It reminded me of this post from my friend, Lisa (One Thankful Mom).  I took Lisa's advice to heart, though I don't say things like that often. Still, I never thought I'd hear these words coming from my little girl.

Blessings to you,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

October Baby

Last night, Steve and I had a date to watch October Baby.  I feel like a newlywed!  Last Saturday, we worshipped with Casting Crowns.  Two dates in two weeks is unheard of around these parts - and to be such fantastic ones!  It was awesome!  All of it.  Two dates with my wonderful and handsome husband, dinner out, great music, fabulous movie, no kids.  All of it great! 


Now to the point of my post.

October Baby is a deep, thought-provoking movie that deals with difficult, complex issues in a compassionate and understanding way. 

Early in the movie, Hannah, a young college student, discovers that she is adopted.  Not only that, but she is the survivor of a failed abortion.  Hannah, rocked to her core, road-trips with her best friend (and some goofy spring-breakers) in order to seek answers about her past. 

At it's core, it is a pro-life movie, but there is virtually no pro-life rhetoric. I think they do a great job of presenting both sides of the abortion debate in a fair and dignified way. No one is painted as a heartless monster. Post-abortion women do not have to worry about being beaten up with shame and guilt, though the subject matter may bring emotions to the surface.

It is also a movie about adoption.  It touches on birth trauma and how it affects someone, even years later.  Deep insecurities are a theme.  The main character, Hannah, faces the real, painful identity struggles that adoption brings.  It reveals many of the weaknesses and fears of adoptive parents. In fact, the father is the poster child for what not to do to your adopted child, until the end when he confesses his deepest fears and reveals his motivations.  Finding peace and forgiveness in the midst of messy life is really the core theme of October Baby.

And also, DO NOT LEAVE THE THEATER UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS!  After an incredible emotional roller coaster, you will be treated to a real-life front-row-seat to the amazing work of our gracious God, who is abounding in love and mercy.

PS.  For those of you who cannot believe that there is such a thing as an "abortion survivor", Gianna Jessen, who sings "Here on the Ocean Floor" in the movie is an abortion surviver.  I've met her in person.  She lived through a late term saline abortion back in the 80's.  She has a book.  Click Here for the Amazon Link.

Blessings to you,