Thursday, May 26, 2011

The "B" Word

Not that "B" word!

C'mon.  This is a family-friendly blog.  :-)

Well, maybe the word you were thinking of described me last night, but today I'm talking about the other "B" word...


There.  I said it.


I new it was coming, but still.

Four days before my 47th birthday, my eye doctor stepped all over my dignity by declaring that word.  Right in front of me.  The nerve.


Well, technically, I don't need bifocals, since I wear contacts.  He gave me a mono-vision prescription.  I see long distance with my right eye and read with my left.  It's going to take some getting used to, but I think it's going to work.

I use mono-vision.  That sounds better.  I'm feeling my dignity return by the minute.  :-)

Blessings to you,

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Kim said...

Whew...I guess I've got a few more years!?! LOL