Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sandy Hook and Gun Control

Immediately after the Sandy Hook Massacre, my Facebook account lit up with scads of posts about gun control and the right to bear arms.  I have been mostly silent about this issue because I like to have a well-reasoned thing to say before I say it, especially if I'm writing.  I've seen a lot of memes and videos about the topic and some of them make good points on both sides, but I like to use complete thoughts rather than relying on sound bites, talking points, and pictures (though sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words).

Knee-jerk reactions, by their very nature, tend to be not well thought out.

People on both sides of this issue are sickened by what happened and want to find the best way to avoid similar tragedies in the future.  We differ on the best plan of action.

I don't have a comprehensive strategy that will put an end to the violence once and for all...and neither do you.  Violence has been around since the fall (Adam and Eve) and will continue here on earth until Jesus comes back. Violence is a heart problem.  Only a change of hearts in individuals will change society.  That is Jesus' comprehensive strategy.

So, this is how I see it....

While random, crazy, angry people with weapons pose a threat to civilized society, they are not the biggest threat.  Let's face it, unless you had personal ties to Sandy Hook, you probably sent your kids to school on the Monday following (possibly with fear and trembling).

Why would loving parents do that if they seriously thought their children could be in danger?  

Because the chances of it happening to any given school are minuscule.  I still eat at restaurants and go to movie theaters, and malls, even though all those locations have been the sights of tremendous violence.

It's true that mass murders are becoming more frequent.  But they are still rare and random and pinpointed to a specific location.

The bigger threat is the government.  If the citizens are not allowed to defend themselves, the government has the power to subdue, enslave, and kill any people group they choose.  Widespread and systematic.  What if it's your people group?

"Oh, come on!" you say.  "Our government isn't like that.  It's a friendly, benevolent organization put on earth to help us."

That's what the people of Germany thought before Hitler.  He had lots of quotes (to the public on his way to ultimate power) about making Germany the safest nation.  He also said lots of things about disarming the people to accomplish his agenda (to his close friends and allies).  Hitler's not the only one.  If you study the tyrants of history, you see a common thread.  Disarm the regular folks, then rule with an iron fist.

It's happened before and it could happen again.  We are not immune.

Blessings to you,