Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Stash

That sounds like an alternative rock band.  The Stash.

But around here, it refers to the ridiculous amount of junk food that was purchased today.

We picked up Tim for the summer today  (YEAH ME!)  :-D

He informed us that he recently discovered that he had about $200 left on his meal points.  If you don't spend them, you lose them.  So, he took us to the food court for lunch.  We ate heartily.  Then we bought everything we could take with us.  And it was all so nutritious.

This is...drum roll please...The Stash!

Blessings to you,


Kim said...

YUM...SO wish I was spending the WEEK at YOUR house!!! LOL

SLB said...

Yummy.....nice one...