Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's Up?

Not sure why I’ve been silent so long.  Well, for one thing, life has been moving at warp speed forever.

Also, I guess I tend to oscillate between feeling like we’re just a normal family (so there’s nothing to blog about) and feeling hopelessly overwhelmed and fearful (so I don’t want to spew all over you.)

Welcome to my world.  J

So, what’s up with me?


Where do I begin?

Cupcake has been just a typical 4th grader, for the most part.  She goes yippy-skippy off to school most days.  She does her homework with very little frustration (except reading).  We have very few food issues, except not asking before helping herself to sweets. She goes to bed easily, and after more than 5 years, I no longer have to sit in the hallway while she falls asleep!!!

So, if things are so normal, why am I overwhelmed and scared???

Because under all this is still a little girl who, at her very core, is insecure.  It comes out through the cracks on a daily basis.

Also, puberty is coming upon us like a train wreck.  We’re entering uncharted territory and way too early. 

We have the body of a 7th grader with the mind of a 4th grader, combined with the desire to be just like her high-school sister.  On any given day, her emotional maturity varies wildly from a preschooler to a 10-year-old.  As a result, my emotional maturity varies from a preschooler to a 50-year-old.  In case you’re wondering…that’s a recipe for disaster.

Lord, have mercy. (Not the figure of speech…the earnest prayer.)


Sugar is doing well in public high school.  She is also navigating uncharted waters. It’s a different world from the one I grew up in.  The pressures and issues she faces are unimaginably difficult, but she has handled it all with grace, compassion, and self-respect.  She seems to be uniquely equipped to handle things that would throw others into a tailspin.  All this stuff going on has brought our relationship closer.  I really enjoy the new, more mature connection we share.

Luke’s eye surgery back in August went fine.  He sees well and looks great.  He got a job at the local grocery store.  He is starting to enjoy all this new disposable income.  J  In addition to electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, he recently bought an electronic drum set so he can learn percussion. 


Tim is back at college and doing well.  We hear from him every so often.  It’s good to have a grown-up kid.  J

As for me, I’m working with the youth on Wednesday nights again.  I have 7th and 8th grade girls.  I think it’s going to be a good year.  J  They are a sweet bunch.  Steve and I still teach Young Adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings. Steve’s parents have been having some health issues.  All of this keeps me pretty busy between running kids to and fro.

Oh yeah, and we are giving our basement a makeover in our vast amount of spare time …new flooring, new bathroom, getting rid of junk. 

That's about it for me.  What's up with you?

Blessings to you,