Friday, February 1, 2008

God Values Human Life

I have many, many reasons to believe that abortion is wrong, but as a Christian, God's Word is the ultimate authority for my life. I will cover a lot of other reasons later, but I'm going to start with the Bible. You will not find a Bible verse that says, "Abortion is wrong.", but there are several principles that can lead us to know that truth.

The first principle that you can find all over Scripture is:

God Values Human Life.

It's a fact. Let's start at the beginning. In the first chapter of Genesis (1:27), it states that man (mankind) is made in God's image. No other creature has that distinction. Trees are not. Animals are not. Only people are created in the image of God, in His likeness. And God places special value on the lives of people. Number 6 of the 10 Commandments is "You shall not murder." (Exodus 20:13) Murder is the deliberate taking of a human life for no good reason. It also says in Proverbs (6:16-17) that there are six things the Lord hates...among them, the shedding of innocent blood. Apparently, God places great value on people simply because they are people, and casually snuffing out a life is an offense against Him.

And then, in Romans (5:8) ,the Bible tells us that God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Who is "us"? Is it just the pretty people? Or the smart ones? Is it only the "perfect" ones? Did He die for the handicapped? Did He die for the losers? What about the little ones? Or the very old? "Us" is all of humanity, no matter the color, the size, or the abilities. In fact, it says He died for "sinners". He died for rebellious people who had no interest in the things of God. And He knew what He was doing when He went to the cross. He died for us because we are worth dying for. We're valuable to Him. Oh, so valuable.

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