Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Important Papers

Okay, so Saturday was TE's graduation and party at our house (pictures to come).

We spent weeks cleaning frantically, so the house would be decent for the party. We almost had everything neat and clean.The only thing that remained was a small stack of important papers on the counter - things that we needed to act on in the next week or so. Right before the guests arrived, I stashed the important papers in an undisclosed location that I would be able to retrieve after the festivities.

You know what's coming.

Does anyone know where I put the important papers?

Blessings to you,

Kindergarten Circus

We are alive and well. Sorry I've been absent for so long. It's been crazy busy at our house. I have a lot of posts in my head, but no time to write them down. Now that summer is here, I hope to take a few minutes each day to work on posts.

And now, without further adieu...

Every year, the Kindergarten class at our school puts on a circus. It is quite a production! Each kid gets to choose a one-minute act. They had lion-tamers, clowns, hula-hoopers, ballet dancers, tight-rope walkers, alligator wrestlers, acrobats, and magicians.

They had one really cute and talented ribbon-twirler. :-)

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I was in the nosebleeds and I think my camera was on a funky setting. (It certainly could NOT be the operator.)

At the end of the performance, they all sang a cute little circus song with a LOT of gusto!

Cupcake was excited because she got to wear eye shadow - lots of eye shadow.

All in all, it was a very entertaining day at the circus. I hope you are having this much fun at your house.

Blessings to you,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Girl Scout Bronze Award

Sugar joined Girl Scouts at the beginning of the school year. She has had a nice time and enjoyed the fun they've had. We enjoyed the cookies. ;-)

Tonight, she crossed over and her troop received the Bronze Award. It was the first time any troop had ever been awarded this honor at their school. It involved lots of work and 15 service hours sewing pillow cases for kids with cancer.

I'm so proud of Sugar. She really worked hard for this. She is growing up to be quite a beautiful and classy young lady.

All you boys out there...just be aware that her daddy carries a BIG STICK and he's not afraid to use it. ;-)

Blessings to you,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Eagle Dance!

Tonight TE had his FINAL BOARD OF REVIEW for his EAGLE SCOUT!!!


When I got home from church, I congratulated him, then did a little victory dance.

Sunshine looks over and says, "What's up with Mom? Is she having a seizure?"

It's true that I won't win any dance contests, but a mom's got to celebrate somehow. ;-)

Blessings to you,

Go On, Ask

What in the world happened here?

This is Cupcake's room.

Yes, it's usually a little messy.

And no, we don't usually keep her dresser on a slope.

Here's the story, as best I can figure...

Our rooms are small and overcrowded. The dresser is wedged between the wall and a bookshelf. It only fits one way - under normal circumstances.

I had stripped Cupcake's bed, so her stuffed animals and pillows were all over the place. The drawer with her sheets was open. It was time for school and she had run in to grab some socks from the top drawer (or she was trying to reach the doll on the purple shelf above.) She pulled open the bottom drawer to climb up to get a better look. When she put her weight on the dresser, it came down on top of her.

I heard the crash. Cupcake whimpered. I came running. I tried to lift the dresser up off of her, but couldn't lift it. It was jammed crooked in the tight space. I SCREAMED for the boys to come help. TE helped lift the dresser and she scooted out. We managed to upright the dresser, but it is still wedged that way.

About Cupcake...She was perfectly fine! A little shaken up but, not a bruise or scrape or anything! When I asked her how she didn't get hurt, she said, "I stopped it with my arm before it killed me."

It reminded me of the movie "The Blind Side". Michael is the young man with a trauma history that the Tuohy family takes in. Early on, the school reveals the results of Michael's testing. After a litany of low scores on this and that, they say, "He scored in the 98th percentile in protective instincts." I cried at that point. (In fact, I cried through the entire movie, but this hit particularly close to home. ... I digress.) Later on, Michael and his younger brother are in a car accident. The little guy was in the front seat. When the airbag went off, Michael stopped it. Seriously. ( I also cried at that point. )

That's my daughter. Lightning fast reaction time. Super-human strength. God watching closely. Angels working overtime. Maybe she should try out for football?

Blessings to you,

PS. Seriously, go buy that movie. You will not regret it.