Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stay on Your Knees

If you have been praying with me, I'd like to add another little one to your list....

I have met some amazing people on this adoption journey. On this road, I've met some of the most tenacious, sincere, encouraging, persistent mama-bears. This baby's mom is one of them.

This sweet little girl is waiting for her embassy appointment in Guatemala City.


And she now looks like this...

Three and a half years of a nightmare adoption is almost over, but they are still waiting for the US Embassy to give them an appointment date. Even these last steps on the US side have been fraught with setbacks. They were approved way back in January, and here it is the end of May. For a reference point, we were approved April 15 and had our appointment May 22 (...and we had setbacks).

They are expecting to hear something in the next few days --- of course, they've been waiting to hear something in the next few days for the last 5 months!

Please pray for this precious child to come home with no more delays.

Thank you in advance, and I will let you know whenever I hear something.

Blessings to you,

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