Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bahamas SeaBase Tall Ship Adventure - part 1

Well, the boys had a blast on their high seas adventure last week. As we've looked through pictures and talked about their week, these are some of the highlights/lowlights as I understand them. I may ask Daddy to guest blog later this week, so as not to totally mess up the story....

American Airlines lost the one checked bag they had for three days. It contained all of their bedding. For three nights, they slept on nasty old bedding that the captain found stored deep in the hold.

On Monday, Daddy slipped on the deck and conked his head pretty hard. Concussion?...maybe. He's okay now.

The tall ship was nothing like the picture on the Seabase website. But that was okay, because it was a catamaran, which means it has two side-by-side hulls. She's a beauty.

They had a captain, who owns the boat, and 18 Scouts and dads as the crew. The first day, (Saturday) they spent learning the ropes.

They set sail on Sunday. It was rainy all that day.

Better weather.

Hoisting the sail.

Exploring island caves.

Exploring an abandoned lighthouse.

Hopetown Lighthouse. This has a cool story.

Relaxation. Ahhhh.

Blessings to you,

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