Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jefferson City Homeschool Rally

After the All-Stars Award Ceremony Wednesday night, we came home, got settled, and around 10:30, I checked the email. There was an urgent email from our local homeschool group. I briefly scanned the email, said, "hmmm..." and crawled into bed, exhausted (as usual). The email said something about a rally in Jeff city at 1:00 Thursday afternoon. Our freedoms were threatened by some law that was sneaking through under the radar. Thursday morning, I woke up, had my quiet time, and asked the Lord to make it clear if I was supposed to go to this rally or maybe just stay home and pray for those who would go.

When I checked the computer, emails were flying around frantically. So, like a good citizen, I reread what this was all about. The requirements of the new law were ambiguous. The potential for government micro-management of homeschools was dangerous to our freedom. This was a big deal.

Missouri has been a wonderfully homeschool-friendly state. Our state lawmakers realize that parents have a vested interest in the success of their children. They recognize the outstanding success rates that homeschooled kids have. We have enjoyed the freedom that was won by those who went before us.

It was clear...I needed to go. So, we packed up the van, and road-tripped to Jefferson city. The weather was beautiful. The trip was enjoyable. We arrived in Jeff City at 1:02 and this is what we saw...

About 2000 homeschoolers from all over the state jumped in the car and met on the steps of our Capitol.

By the way, I apologize for the quality of most of these photos. Since I am vertically challenged (short), I just lifted the camera as high as I could and took random shots. If I had looked through the viewfinder, you would get to see pictures of the shoulder of the person in front of me. :-)

Cupcake working on her sign...

After several speeches that I really couldn't hear, we were invited to come in to the capitol building, so the lawmakers could see our presence.

After the entire group walked through the building, we stuck around and took a tour, which fulfilled a merit badge requirement for Scouts. At the end of the day, we were whooped up tired...

The rally turned out to be quite fruitful. The law was amended, and was, in fact, made stronger in it's language to protect homeschooler's freedom. :-) How cool is that? Thank you, God!

Some lawmakers said it was the largest crowd they had ever seen at the Capitol. The police were impressed by the behavior of the protesters. (I won't mention a little Latina stepping over the red velvet ropes in the rotunda to get a better look at the gold relief on the floor...)

Let it also be noted: These pictures are proof that not all homeschoolers wear denim jumpers. :-)

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...


And ditto the jumper thing. I don't think I've owned one since...well...since never maybe! Hahahaha!

What an important life lesson for your crew!


Kim said...

It was great to go and it was great to see you all there!!! Thank you Jesus for the positive changes that were brought forth from that day!!!