Monday, May 26, 2008


Hello and Good-bye
(with our facilitator's sister and sister-in-law, her caretaker)

Beautiful Curls

Embassy Day

Putting on Purell

Daddy and Daughter in Mirror

Those Sad Eyes

Those Happy Eyes
Playing "Knock-Knock" with Daddy

El Avion (the airplane)

Home with Her Sister

Blessings to you,


Katie said...

OH so sweet !! A miracle from God !!

Laurie said...

Oh, those Guatemalan eyes!! Cupcake is sooo beautiful! Welcome home sweetie, welcome home!!!!
Praising God with you all,
Love, Laurie <><

Mommy said...

OH how wonderful to see her beautiful face smiling and with her forever family.

I am still praising God with you my sweet friend. So thankful she has made it home.


Mom&Dad to A & J said...

Welcome home!! That feels incredible to type. Praise God she's home forever.


ManyBlessings said...

Ok girl, that post has been a long two years coming! The plane photo got me. Totally got me.

Love you.

Gayle said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! That hair. Thank God she is finally home, safe and sound.