Friday, May 9, 2008

72 Hours and Counting

We faxed our letter to the Embassy on Tuesday morning. They received it no later than 9:00 our time. They are supposed to respond/act within 72 hours of receiving all the required information. We emailed to ask them if they indeed received the fax and did we send enough to satisfy their needs?

So, yesterday, we receive an email from the Embassy. It says, "We received your fax on 5/6/08. A further notice will be coming."

So what was that? Was that their response? Have they done their part, and now they get another 72 hours? In my book, that DOES NOT COUNT as a response/action! And we don't even know if they are satisfied with what we sent them. GRRRR!!!

What's worse --- the Embassy will not give out a phone number. Email only - with the note that says, "We will respond to you in 8 days or less." I would just like to speak to a real person who can tell me what is going on. I guess they are afraid of people like me - Mama Bears.

It's Friday again. At 9:00 this morning, we passed the 72 hour window...or did we? I understand that 72 hours might include this entire business day. Another weekend is coming. Mother's Day weekend, at that. If we don't hear today, you will find me curled into a fetal position, sucking my thumb, rocking back and forth.

Please pass the chocolate.

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

Oh, I72's stink!!!
Hang in there---You're so close! We're gonna keep on prayin'!
Love, Laurie <><

Mommy said...

Oh girl,
So incredibly sorry!! It has to be coming this week, just has to. I am on my knees.

Love ya,

Leslie R. said...

I wish you the best on your adoption journey..We adopted our daughter from Guatemala in Nov 2006...


Leslie R said...

Here is my email address

Thanks,Leslie R.