Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Adjustment

Sorry to have been away for so long. Cupcake is occupying all of my time. She is sleeping for the moment, so I stole away to the computer for a few minutes of Mommy time. :-)

I'd like to tell you that Cupcake has just slipped right into our family, oh so easily, but that would be lying. The poor thing did not ask to be moved again and she's not happy about that. Because she is SO verbal, she is extremely frustrated with our lack of understanding. When asked today if her Mamita speaks Spanish, she replied, "Well, she tries, but she's pretty bad." :-)

Anger and fear.... no child should have to deal with these kinds of intense emotions - at the level she is feeling. I wish I could just take her into my arms and make the bad go away...but I can't. This one is something only God can do. So we'll be praying...and loving...until He calms her precious heart.

We see improvement in little steps...

She says, "I lub you."
She sings the "I love my Cupcake" song that I made up, and she sticks in "Papi", "Mami", "Abuela", and the rest of the family in at the appropriate time.
She recognizes that we are her "todos familia" (all family)
She bows her head (sometimes) to say "Gracias Dios" (Thank you, God) before meals.

The big kids are not sure what to do about this transition. Sugar is having the roughest time. Her whole life has been turned upside down - much more than expected.

Every day gets a little better, and soon we'll fall into a normal routine. In the meantime, pray for us all.

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

Poor Cupcake -- it takes time --
she is adorable -- in a few months
you will feel like she has been with you for years -- God will knit
all your hearts together quickly
So glad you are home --
have a great summer

Deb said...

Bug and I are praying, I can only imagine how hard it must be for cupcake and the otehr kids. what a huge transition for them all and for you too.

Love and HUGS to you,
Deb and Little Bug

Laurie said...

Oh,Hang in there! I know this transition time is something you cannot be totally ready for, it's so hard on everyone! So glad you can see little steps in the right direction! God is your Teacher and He is so good, He'll show you the way and He'll bring healing to every one! We're praying!
Laurie <><

ManyBlessings said...


Mommy said...

On my knees for you constantly!!!

Thanking God she is finally home and beginning to adjust in her forever family.

Much love,

Katie said...

I will be praying ... poor little cupcake !!

dad2aandj said...

Just wanted you to know I am praying for your family as well. I'm glad you're home. -T

Anonymous said...

I was in your shoes 3 yrs ago. Our daughter came home from Guat at 3 1/2 yrs old. She spoke no English only fluent Spanish. Our son was 13 yrs old then, and thee only child until our sweetie came home. What an adjustment for all of us. I just want you to know, that with Jesus leading the way, every day will get easier for all of you, and everything will be ok. Your little cupcake feels insecure, scared, flustered with the language barrier and has many memories of the life she left behind. However it won't take long for her to understand she is loved, safe, staying with you forever, and she will pick up English real fast. Maybe you know this but in case you do not, para siempre casa (pronounced pah dah see emp ray cah sa) means forever house. You could say to her estes to para siempre casa (this is your forever house), it may help her feel more secure knowing she will be with you always. Also, it will help her feel better if you say a little something in her native language. Sorry to ramble, but I can so relate to your situation, and I just want to help.
God bless you all,
and remember Jesus is leading the way and you are following and He will not let you down, He will lift you all up and this will all work out to the glory of the Lord. Everything will be fine sweety, it really will.

Laura :) :)