Monday, April 21, 2008

A Different Kind of TAG

I was tagged by Katie. So here goes:

i am : a believer in Jesus Christ

i think: I'm losing my mind...somedays :-)


i want: my kids to be friends with each other when they grow up

i have : a very old van

i wish: I had a newer van

i hate: the fact that some kids will be left behind in Guatemala without families

i miss: my Little Cupcake and Guatemala

i fear: typos and lost files

i feel: excited and nervous about Cupcake's homecoming

I hear : kids jumping on the trampoline

i smell: Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap

i crave: chocolate

i search: for an update from Guatemala

i wonder: where God will take us next

i regret: nothing

i love: my husband and kids

i ache: for people who are hurting

i care: about their needs

i always : have dessert (but not for breakfast tee hee hee :-D)

i am not: a neat freak

i believe: in the power of my GOD

i dance: whenever "YMCA" plays. I can't help it. :-)

i sing: in the car with my praise and worship music - with the windows up :-)

i cry: at any moment. But before adoption -- once every 7 years

i don’t always: clean the bathrooms when they need it

i fight: rarely - I hate conflict

i write: for therapy :-)

i win: the award for the most kid-friendly house in the neighborhood

i lose: the Tigger award - I'm pretty mellow

i never: drink, cuss, or chew and never run with boys who do :-)

i confuse: the names of my kids as I'm calling them

i listen: to Christian music - Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Newsboys

i can usually be found: running kids in the old van, teaching kids at home, or shopping

i am scared: of head-on collisions and driving near tractor-trailers

i need: my quiet time, morning silence and a little caffiene :-)

i am happy about: being OUT of PGN and on our way to bringing Cupcake home!

i think : God is about to bless our socks off!

So, I tag Lindsey, ManyBlessings, and Mommy

Blessings to you,

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Lori said...

Great answers!!