Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Great Opportunity to Trust HIM...

We got an email from our adoption agency today.

We were hoping for a phone call.

Phone calls usually mean good news. Email - usually bad or no news.

It's been two weeks (tomorrow) since we got the call that our file was approved. At that time, PGN said that they would not release any files to be picked up until after the Easter Holiday. So, the Monday after Easter, PGN was open for business. We waited expectantly all week to hear that our facilitator had his hands on our file and was moving to the next step. On Thursday, we got an email that he was heading to PGN to pick up our file. We should have confirmation on Friday.

All day Friday I waited. I paced. I checked the email. I looked out the window. I willed the phone to ring.

NOTHING...NO WORD...Weekends are very long when there is NO WORD.

So today, I picked up where I left off on Friday... pacing, checking the email, biting my fingernails, willing the phone to ring. At 4:00, an email comes through...

I spoke with R_____ a few minutes ago. He said that he went to PGN on Friday, but they did not yet give him your file. He confirmed that it is approved, but it has not yet been released. He asked me to call PGN and ask about it. I have been trying to get through but have been sitting on hold for a while now. Your PGN case number is: *********
If you can help, please call PGN with me....
So, they haven't released the file! Why not? What's going on?

I spent the last hour of the (business) day dialing PGN over and over again. It was either busy or the call would not go through. That is pretty normal from what I understand.

What could be going on? Here are my best guesses:
  1. It's a bureaucratic delay. Somebody somewhere needs to enter the information into the computer system before they can let it go.
  2. It's a political delay. This week, the head of PGN was asked to step down by the President of Guatemala. He is refusing to do so. Maybe he is not allowing any files out the door.
  3. It's a motivational delay. Someone may be sitting on our file, waiting for a little (ahem) financial motivation to get it moving again. It's been known to happen.
I had so hoped this last part of our adventure would be easy and quick. I'm so ready to have Cupcake home. The closer it gets, the more tied up in knots my stomach and heart get.

So this is where we have the great opportunity to trust God again (still).

I know that He is working all things out for our good and His glory.

I know that His timing is perfect.

It is time for me to be still and know that He is God. I will trust Him because He is good. I will rest in the fact that He loves Cupcake more than I ever could.

I will trust Him.

Blessings to you,


Greta Jo said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. What a beautiful family. Would you please tell me what adoption agency you used to adopted a toddler? I've been praying about adopting another child from Guatemala one day and I really would like to adopt a toddler.

Greta Jo

Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys! God is with you and He will make it all right! Some how!
Love, Laurie <><