Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Memory of Pepper

We are a house in mourning. Pepper, Sugar's dearly loved hamster, died unexpectedly yesterday.

The grim discovery was made when Sugar went to go get him, so he could listen to Elsie Dinsmore. We've been reading the Elsie Dinsmore series for school. Every morning, Sugar would go get Pepper for read-aloud time. He would curl up in her lap and listen to the story. He was a better listener than some of my children. :-)

Pepper was a Black Bear hamster. He had cute little Mickey Mouse ears and he looked like a black bear in the face. He really was a sweetie.

Pepper was the most laid-back rodent we've ever had (We've had several.) He NEVER bit anyone. He wasn't all jumpy, like some hamsters. He would ride around the pocket of Sugar's satin PJs. He would sit on my shoulder. He allowed endless play with the neighbor kids.

You might say a little prayer for Sugar, since she is taking it pretty hard.

We had a proper burial last night. Sugar made a paper tombstone that read:

The best hamster in the world.

The best hamster I ever had.

Sweet, cute, and loyal to me.

I love him so much.
May he rest in peace!!

We're going to miss the little guy.

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