Saturday, March 19, 2011


Lisa asked the question on her blog: "For those of you with older adopted kids, have you had success and healing?" The question was coming from a mom who had been working with her child for 10 months and was discouraged. Boy, I've been there. There are still days....but....

I've had a couple of big "WOW!" moments with my little Cupcake. I just need to share them with you. :-D

The first one happened a few weeks ago. Her counselor at school returned to me a survey that I had filled out in March of last year. She asked me to go over it and make any changes that have occurred over the past year. The first page was address, phone number, blah, blah, blah. The second and third pages were a list of behavioral issues, about 60 questions. Included were things like: is able to focus on a task, displays aggression toward peers, responds appropriately to ___, becomes frustrated easily, answers when I call, etc. For each issue, I could check the box.

  • Not a Concern
  • Sometimes a Concern
  • A Concern
Well, last year, maybe 60% of the issues were "A Concern", 30% "Sometimes", and 10% "Not a Concern". This year, almost everything moved up to a lesser category! Only about 10% remain a concern for us.

I marveled over that piece of paper. All that progress was recorded right there in ink! So many baby steps had gone unnoticed. Many tiny things had been celebrated with tiny joy, but the overall progress she's made has been stunning. It makes me want to throw a party. I plan to ask her guidance counselor for a copy of that paper just to have. It will be something to refer to on the hard days.

We have made progress, and it has been good. :-)

I'll share the other "WOW!" next time.

Blessings to you,


Kim said...

definately something to glad for you all!!! God's love is shining through!!!

OneThankfulMom said...

That really is amazing and so encouraging!! Thank you for being part of this long healing road with me. We will meet in person one day!