Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Breakthrough

This time, Sugar took a huge step!

Sugar was traumatized when Cupcake came home and brought her trauma with her. She has seen a lot of crazy behavior. Deep in her soul, she remembers that stuff and has held it against her sister for nearly 3 years.

We've had occasional moments of actual sweetness between the sisters. We've seen Sugar fiercely protect her little sister at times. But much of the time, they live in an uneasy truce. Forced civility. Or we have outright war between the girls.

I can't blame Sugar. She is only 12 and has to put up with a lot - way more than normal pesky little sister stuff, and the normal stuff is exacerbated by the deep resentment of her painful memories.

So, imagine my surprise, when, yesterday morning, we found this next to Cupcake's bed!

Dear Cupcake,
I love you and I
hope you know that.
You are way sweeter than I
give you credit for. Have
a good day at school.

Read this note when
you think I don't love


Proof that things are getting better!

(I feel it's only fair to tell you that, by bedtime, the note was seriously in danger of being ripped to shreds by both girls. We are making progress, but we certainly have not arrived.)

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...

Oh my gosh that's HUGE!!! Proof that her heart is heading in the right direction (even if it gets derailed now and then :)). LOVE IT!!

Cassandra said...

Wow, that's so sweet. I was thinking last night during the lesson talking about David and Goliath, and about our own "giants" how Sugar could see her giant as her sister. But I will continue to pray for her, and work with her when I can. Sugar will have to learn that her "giant" will not require a stone and sling, but love, patience and forgiveness. Love you guys see you Sunday.

Traci Weldie said...

You have no idea how much comfort your posts have brought to me lately. We have the some of the very same opportunities to love in our house :) There is something comforting just knowing I am not alone out there in this amazing journey called adoption. Please keep writing your honest words - they bring healing.

DFNY said...

Aww...that is so very sweet and mature. What an amazing big sister.