Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Invisible Children

I just read a very thoughtful post today over at My Mind on Paper. Kevin, the author, was adopted trans-racially. He is now an adult and reflects on his life and family.

Today, he wrote about the effect of his adoption on his siblings and the long-term outcomes. I see the danger he writes about. We have poured our lives into the healing and stabilization of our adopted daughter, but it has cost us precious time, energy and enjoyment of our older kids. I pray that we can keep them connected and that all four kids become friends as they grow up. I want them to be close to us and close to each other.

If you are an adoptive mom, please go over and read his post.

What do you think?

Blessings to you,


Laurie said...

Oh!! This is our prayer too! Our older children got so much of our attention but the younger 2--not so much. Our younger 2 have experienced so much more tension and worse...:( so I must console myself in Christ... I know, know, know that we did the Will of God in adoption and so I know He is showing us the Way of God now! As messy as it seems-- God is making a way and it will be beautiful!!

ManyBlessings said...

Two things struck me right away. The first was this comment, "Our family doesn’t talk about deep issues like this" and then later this, "Our family should have communicated more."

Dead on. Pretending issues aren't there, doesn't make them go away.

Great article! I'm actually excited to read more on his blog!

Anonymous said...

Many Blessings,

You are right on. Talk, talk, and talk, ask open ended questions and provide an arena where all can be heard.