Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Important Papers

Okay, so Saturday was TE's graduation and party at our house (pictures to come).

We spent weeks cleaning frantically, so the house would be decent for the party. We almost had everything neat and clean.The only thing that remained was a small stack of important papers on the counter - things that we needed to act on in the next week or so. Right before the guests arrived, I stashed the important papers in an undisclosed location that I would be able to retrieve after the festivities.

You know what's coming.

Does anyone know where I put the important papers?

Blessings to you,


Kim said...

lol - this happened to me this week as I'm redoing my office and stuff is stacked EVERYWHERE...I kept saying don't let me forget where I put this stack...ugh - don't know where anything is right now!!! Congrats to TE.

slb said...

Congrats to TE.Just relax, you will remember or it will reappear, just like the mystery of the missing marble.

Barbara said...

Did you ever find the papers? I did that with tax stuff a few years ago and never did find the stuff!