Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Go On, Ask

What in the world happened here?

This is Cupcake's room.

Yes, it's usually a little messy.

And no, we don't usually keep her dresser on a slope.

Here's the story, as best I can figure...

Our rooms are small and overcrowded. The dresser is wedged between the wall and a bookshelf. It only fits one way - under normal circumstances.

I had stripped Cupcake's bed, so her stuffed animals and pillows were all over the place. The drawer with her sheets was open. It was time for school and she had run in to grab some socks from the top drawer (or she was trying to reach the doll on the purple shelf above.) She pulled open the bottom drawer to climb up to get a better look. When she put her weight on the dresser, it came down on top of her.

I heard the crash. Cupcake whimpered. I came running. I tried to lift the dresser up off of her, but couldn't lift it. It was jammed crooked in the tight space. I SCREAMED for the boys to come help. TE helped lift the dresser and she scooted out. We managed to upright the dresser, but it is still wedged that way.

About Cupcake...She was perfectly fine! A little shaken up but, not a bruise or scrape or anything! When I asked her how she didn't get hurt, she said, "I stopped it with my arm before it killed me."

It reminded me of the movie "The Blind Side". Michael is the young man with a trauma history that the Tuohy family takes in. Early on, the school reveals the results of Michael's testing. After a litany of low scores on this and that, they say, "He scored in the 98th percentile in protective instincts." I cried at that point. (In fact, I cried through the entire movie, but this hit particularly close to home. ... I digress.) Later on, Michael and his younger brother are in a car accident. The little guy was in the front seat. When the airbag went off, Michael stopped it. Seriously. ( I also cried at that point. )

That's my daughter. Lightning fast reaction time. Super-human strength. God watching closely. Angels working overtime. Maybe she should try out for football?

Blessings to you,

PS. Seriously, go buy that movie. You will not regret it.


Kim said...

Looking forward to seeing that movie! Glad Cupcake is ok...God is good!!!

SLB said...

It is a relief that Cupcake is safe. I really believe that Angels do watch over our kids...It happened to my little one before, she was barely 2 yrs old then, sleeping in bed and when i check on her she was already on our cemented floor ( no carpet) but still sleeping like an angel. She fell from bed but as if someone guided her while falling because the bed sheet acted like a support. As if she rolled over. No bruise or what so ever. I just carried her back to bed and thank GOD for watching over her.GOD is really good..

ManyBlessings said...

ACK! :o

Tracy said...

WOW! I am so glad she was okay. I loved that movie too, and I also cried through it. A LOT.

DFNY said...

What a lovely post (and great pics). Thank you, J. So glad Cupcake is fine--that comment she made just made me smile. It's right to the point, you know?

I'm going to make time to watch "The Blind Side". Thanks!


Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Oh so glad Cupcake is okay! Yes, God was watching out for her.

We recently watched "The Blind Side" and cried throughout, too. Daniel watched it with us (we skipped some scenes we thought might scare our kiddos). Afterward he said, "Michael is kind of like me, but bigger."

Anyway, I certainly think Cupcake has a future in football. She'd be too cute to tackle.

Hope all is well with you and your sweet family.