Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm a little behind on my posts. Okay, a LOT behind...I guess I'll just try to cover some of the biggies.

On Saturday, May 22, 2010, my oldest son graduated high school. Isn't he a cutie?

Each year, our local homeschool organization puts on the nicest graduation ceremony I have ever seen. It is God-honoring and meaningful for each of the students. The parents of the graduates do a ton of work throughout the year, but on graduation day, a bunch of folks from the homeschool community come out to help and serve. It was truly special.

The proud parents.

The whole class.
Buddies since toddlerhood.
During the ceremony.

The speaker was Perry Akin, son of our U. S. congressman, Todd Akin. He was the most dynamic graduation speaker I have ever heard. (Sorry, no pictures of that.)

What a great group of students!

Triumphantly exiting the sanctuary.

After the ceremony, we all headed downstairs to the reception.
The story of TE's table earns a post all by itself. :-)

I am so proud of you, Tim. You are a great young man with your head on straight. You earned that diploma! Now, go impact the world! Love you, Son.

Blessings to you,


Barbara said...

Love these pics! Congratulations! I can remember when T was born.....wow, how time has flown. :-)

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Congratulations to your son Tim!!! What a special graduation ceremony. We are thinking/praying about homeschooling our oldest (entering 8th next year at a small Christian school that doesn't have a high school).

What a wonderful way to honor these graduates. I know God has great things planned for your son!

Much Love,