Friday, August 28, 2009

Sugar's Birthday!

Today was Sugar's birthday!

She is 11 years old!

She got to bring snacks to school for the very first time in her life! It was a really good day for her.

We kept things low key this year - sort of. No party, but we did allow her to have two girlfriends spend the night. She chose McDonald's for her birthday dinner. That was nice, since Longhorn is about 4 times as expensive. ;-) Of course, you get what you pay for.

Today was crazy, and I'm exhausted.

In fact, this whole month has been crazy, and I'm really exhausted.

Thankfully, Sugar has the last birthday of the month. Now we can get back to normal again. :-)

Phew! I survived birthday month. I think I need a shirt that says that.

We're going to try to get some sleep around here. I'll try to post more pics tomorrow.

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...

Sleep well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

even on the day she was was born, i already knew in my heart that she will grow up into a very beautiful lady, not only on the outside but also in the inside...with a parent like you, what can go wrong??? Hugs!!!!!!