Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soccer Update

Well, here we are, halfway through the soccer season, and I have an update. 

We are still playing soccer! 
You laugh. 

We were not so sure we were going to make it this far.  We had 4 practices before the first game.  The first 3 practices were in the 100° temps.  By practice #3, Cupcake was convinced soccer was a parental torture scheme.  ;-)  That day, I dragged  brought her to practice and she told her coach she quit. 
Her coach is great.  He's very gentle with the girls.  He reacted with , “Oh?”, a nod of the head, and then turned around and walked away.

Within 5 minutes, she had sucked it up and ran out to the field to practice. 

The next week, the weather broke.  It was 55° and raining.  She was not happy about practice, but she went.

The following morning, the skies cleared and she suited up in an official uniform.  :-D   Once she got in the game, all the weary stuff of practice  fell away.   (Things like pointless drills, useless running, and all that yammering by the coach about positions, rules and other such nonsense.  ;-)) 
Cupcake doesn’t understand the finer points of soccer, but there is one thing she gets.  


 Struggling against others in order to come out  on top…that’s right up her alley.  She’s scrappy.  She’s not afraid to get in there and battle for a kick.  Jostling elbow to elbow is invigorating!

When we got home from the first game, I noticed something about the pictures. 
My little Cupcake, who really has to work at happiness, was positively beaming in almost every picture! 

Every week, it’s the same thing - ear to ear smiles when she’s on the field.

You may get sick of all the soccer pictures I post, but I can’t help it.  In them, I see the true Cupcake, living in a moment of pure joy.  Not the forced smile of a child who wants the world to think everything is wonderful.  Not the tight-lipped grin of one who is enduring another photoshoot with Mom.  Not the somber expression of a child who carries the weight of the world.  Simply a child living life to the fullest RIGHT NOW.
And that brings joy to my heart.  :-D
Blessings  to you,


Missy said...

And it did mine as well. Thank you for sharing. We ALL like to hear about true joy experienced by another. I think it makes the human condition much more endurable :)

Kim said...

That's AWESOME J...She's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her are right...looks like she's at home on the field...smiles and all!!! :)

GB's Mom said...

She is a natural! So glad you gave her that joy!

SLB said...

She is looking great, your love radiates in her....for me i am looking at a product of hard labor and lots, lots, lots, of love..keep it up, you are doing great, life may not be perfect, but perfection is within our own perspective.. I am so proud of knowing you...