Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And Speaking of Funerals...

Today, we'll be having a tissue box funeral for our beloved Emma. Emma was a Christmas gift (this year) from Sugar to Cupcake. This was a special display of love from big sister to little sister. Sugar spent her own money over and above the Christmas budget to buy a hamster for Cupcake.

Sugar felt strongly that having a pet of her own would be therapeutic for Cupcake. She was right.

Cupcake adored this little critter. She never bit, only nibbled. She let the kids play with her and hold her. She made cute little noises and loved her wheel.

We just discovered that Emma liked to watch TV. Cupcake brought Emma out to the family room the other night when we were all watching Toy Story 3. This is how Emma stayed the entire movie. She was mesmerized!

When Cupcake was upset, she would go to her room, pull Emma out, and gently hold her and pet her until she calmed down. Emma was a good friend. We're going to miss her.

We are also going to the pet store today after school to buy a new hamster. :-)

I think this season of grief for our family is going to be another growing season for our hearts, minds, emotions and relationships. But it sure isn't easy.

Blessings to you,


Laurie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear of another loss for your sweet family. May the sweet presence of Jesus be visceral to you all. Comfort my friend, comfort.

Kim said...

So sad for Cupcake, SO proud of Sugar and So loving that Emma hanging on watching TV...what a neat memory.

Sorry for what your family is going through over there...hope Cupcake finds a new furry friend that is just as sweet as Emma was.

Love to you my IRL friend!!!