Friday, February 19, 2010

Yeah Me!

I've had absolutely NO SIGN of shingles this week! Yeah me!! :-D

I have decided that my day in the ER was really just a unique spa day. I had a private, quiet room. As long as I wasn't moving, I wasn't in pain. Nobody called. Nobody needed my attention. They were so busy, they left me alone for hours at a time. So, I laid around for eight hours reading my book, praying, and watching Jeopardy. Sure, I was starving (I hadn't eaten for 2 days.) and a stretcher is not the most comfortable bed. But, really, all in all, it was somewhat restful.

When I told this to Cupcake's therapist, she looked at me and said, "Julie, do you know how crazy, busy, stressful your life must be if a day in the ER is refreshing?"


I wouldn't trade my crazy, busy, stressful life for anything, but I wouldn't mind a week in Tahiti with my Honey.

Blessings to you,


Laurie said...

Great perspective sweetie! I'm so glad you've had a week free from shingles pain! Prayin' for ya!!

Kim said...

whew - thankful for your outlook on it!!!

ManyBlessings said...


OneThankfulMom said...

I hear you on what we would consider "restful" compared to most women. I'm glad you are feeling better.