Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Have a New Record, Folks

Last year, about this time, I reported our unusual February/March consisted of two Emergency Room visits, one broken ankle, and two emergency surgeries...all in 6 weeks time.

Well, we new have a new record!!!

This year, in two weeks time, we have had three Emergency Room visits, and two emergency surgeries.

The good news...everyone is going to live. :-)

Two weeks ago today, I took Daddy to the ER for a kidney stone. After an all-nighter, he had surgery (a procedure, really, but under general anesthesia) to blast the stone and put in a stent. The surgeon reported that it was a lot more difficult than he had expected, and that he had to be rougher with Daddy than is usual. He had lots of complications, so they kept him an extra night. Two days later, he was again in dire pain. Back to the ER we went. After another all-nighter, he had another surgery to check out the healing from the first procedure and to replace the stent. It worked. Hallelujah! He is left with some mild discomfort which will go away once they remove the stent.

Yesterday, I began having abdominal pain. It grew more intense as the day wore on, so I called my doctor. He did not think it was appendicitis, and the pain was not intense enough to warrant a bunch of tests, so he asked me to wait and see until today - unless the pain increased. So, today, the pain was still there, and had increased a little. So, off we went the the same ER. It was crazy busy, and it took hours just to get a room. After 8 hours of running tests and waiting around, they have determined that I have Undiagnosed Abdominal Pain. Hmmm... The Dr. actually thinks it may be shingles, but it hasn't come on in force yet. Shingles! I have not heard anything good about shingles. :-(

All this to say, I have found myself very thankful lately that we are having all these problems in America, and not in Haiti. Our hospitals are actually in buildings. Everything is sterile. They have full staffing. Our waits are nothing. Our insurance covers most everything. We have our arms and legs and family. We have a house to come home to after a long and difficult day. We have it good, even when things are not easy or fun. Thank You, Jesus, for all these things.

Blessings to you,


Kim said...

amen sister!!!

DFNY said...

Julie, hope you and hubby are better every day. Your perspective is so on-target--how truly blessed we are. Continuing to pray for the people of Haiti.

Love to you,

Laurie said...

Oh, Sweetie, You guys have had a hard time!! Shingles and kidney stones are so painful; prayin you'll all be feeling better soon! Praising God with you for our country and the comfort we enjoy!