Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry for going AWOL on you.

The pre-CHRISTmas rush had me a little overwhelmed. In fact, the pre-CHRISTmas stress sent me into an emotional tailspin. Last year, Cupcake had a wonderful month in December. She was positively angelic. Then, the day after CHRISTmas, she crashed and burned. It lasted for about 2 months. Not fun.

So, this year, she was not even going into CHRISTmas in the best frame of mind. And I was scared. Dreading the post-CHRISTmas fall, I feared the future. I mean FEAR...an all-consuming aversion to what I saw as the next two months of my life. I wanted to avoid the UP so I could avoid the DOWN. I couldn't focus. I did not experience a lot of joy in the quiet moments. No anticipation... no motivation...just dread.

Until the CHRISTmas Eve service.

It was crowded. The young kids and babies were noisy and restless (mine too). I imagine the manger was crowded and noisy too. We sang about Immanuel - God with us. Those words sank deep into my soul. We worshiped. I worshiped. We celebrated the Lord's Supper. I felt His presence. His peace washed over me like a warm blanket. He would be with me no matter what. Fun or not fun, He would be there. And HOPE was restored.

Well, as it turned out, CHRISTmas was fun. Everyone had a good time. We had a houseful of family. The food was fabulous, as always (thanks to my super-hostess mother-in-law.) The gifts were thoughtful and well-chosen. The conversation kind and warm. The cousins all played happily. It was a delightful day.

The day after - delightful.

The next day - delightful.

Today - delightful. (Well, I'm tired, and my house is a wreck, and we haven't found a place for all the new things yet, but delightful anyway.) :-)

So, we wish you a merry belated CHRISTmas!

Blessings to you,

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Thankfulmom said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are having delightful days. We aren't doing quite as well...but hanging in there. We need structure!!