Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hey, Mr. Bad Guy...

Note:  This post was written a while ago.

Hey Mr. Bad Guy,

You are slowly losing your grip on my daughter as the King of Kings holds her tighter.

Two things happened in the last 24 hours that reminded me of your loss of power over her life.  Read it and weep, Mr. Bad Guy.

Mama Bear Mamita

Yesterday, Cupcake came home from school with a paper she had written. 

Her stories tend to reveal deep fears and a hopeless outlook.  It has been the theme of her life.

For instance, during play therapy, we would go into the playroom and play "family".  Pretty soon, a bad guy would come and take the baby away.  I would call the police and go rescue the baby myself.  Before I could get her, the bad guy would come again and take the baby to a new place.  Or I would get her home, and within 5 seconds another bad guy would come.  Over and over again.

Never a happy ending.

Never quite safe.

That's what my daughter has lived with her whole life.  :-(

It's called hyper-vigilance.

We haven't played "family" at therapy for a few months, and I had forgotten how intense her feelings had been and how hopeless the story always was.

Until yesterday.

The following paper was handwritten by my little one.  I've edited the spelling/grammar for your reading pleasure.  You may be shocked at the content and intensity coming from a 2nd grader.  This was written from her experience and her imagination.

The Case of the Clue Club

There was a little girl in the park and she saw a man walking and looking at her.  Then she started to walk faster and faster.  Then she ran into someone she didn't know.  They said, "Hi" to her and she said "Hi" back.  Then he started pulling her to his car and he pushed her in the car.  Then he tied her up and then they were at his home.  It looked pretty on the inside but on the outside it looked all dirty.  When they got in it was bedtime and in the middle of the night she escaped from the house and ran home to her mom and dad and sisters and brothers.  They were so glad to see her again.  She was happy to see them too.  They went out for ice cream to celebrate.  There was a big party.  Her friends were there at the party.  That was really fun.  Then the man came to the party and she ran away because she thought that he was going to take her back to his home.  So she ran home but he was chasing.  He said "I am so sorry for taking you away." and she said, "That is okay."

A happy ending, forgiveness, and redemption all in one story! 

WIN!  :-D


This morning, the news was on back in my bedroom.  Cupcake ran back to grab something.  She comes running out, yelling "MOM!  MOM!  YOU'VE GOT TO COME SEE THIS!!!!!"  She grabs my hand and literally pulls me down the hall with all her strength.

This is what she saw...

(It's the video of the 7-year-old in Georgia that fought off a would-be abductor in Walmart.)

Let me tell you, there were high-fives and victory dances all around!  She was so happy for that little girl and so grateful that she got away.  It was exhilerating for her to see the bad guy got caught and was going to jail.  The world is a safer place for my little girl tonight.

I don't think it was a coincidence that my girl saw that news story.  I'm a news junkie, but the news is rarely on at our house - the internet fits my time constraints better.  It seems like every time she catches a news story it's about a little girl who gets away and the bad guy gets caught.  What are the chances?  I think God is orchestrating her healing in His time and in His way.  Sometimes I get impatient with the process (and the girl), but I know that God  is working in her life in spite of me.  That brings me peace, confidence, comfort and deep joy.

Blessings to you,


GB's Mom said...

Thank you for sharing!

DFNY said...

Wow, Julie, how moving that was. I'm so happy for Cupcake... what strides she has made. Thanking God for this healing.


slb said...

Great news..GOD is really the Master of perfect timing...miss your emails..cyber hug to everyone...