Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Guard!

A few weeks ago, I was exploring my options for homeschool PE.  Sugar was thinking she wanted to do some form of martial arts.  I studied and researched all the options.  Most of the places nearby were either super expensive or got mediocre ratings.  Then I stumbled upon fencing at a  local community center.  When I mentioned it to her, she practically jumped out of her chair with excitement. 

The cost was very reasonable and the teacher is very well-respected.

Win/Win.  :-)

Later that week, I was talking to one of my best friends.  I told her of my crazy plan to sign Sugar up for fencing.  She practically jumped through the phone with excitement.  Her son has been asking if he could take fencing for years! 

She would have a friend in the class.


Tuesday was her third class.  They suited up for the first time and began to actually fence! 

I was so proud!  It's kind of a rush to watch your princess fight with weapons!  After they practiced some moves, (Sorry, I don't know the jargon yet.) the instructor called up Sugar to demonstrate a match.  Her opponent was Goliath of Gath.  :-)

It was a good match.  She didn't win, but she sure looked good.  :-)  Sugar was not the least bit intimidated by his superior size or age.  Okay, she was...but she didn't show it.  :-)

Last night, I watched my petite daughter sword fight with a man.  How cool is that?

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Oh my goodness how cool!!! We were looking for something like this but never found anything...please email me the info when you get a chance! Love to yoU!