Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Times of Refreshing

Florida was good.  Really good.  We arrived at the house late afternoon on Sunday.  Took a quick inventory of the things we would need for the week and drove into Panama City Beach to get the needed supplies.  After dinner, we stopped at the beach for our first look at the Gulf.  It was a nice first impression.  :-)  The girls waded into the water just to get their feet wet.  (We put Cupcake into a swimsuit based on our experience with "just getting your feet wet".)
Panama City Beach Pier 


At Seacrest Beach, the sand was fine and white.  The water was warm (and a little seaweedy).

Seacrest Beach


God sends times of refreshing in various ways.  Florida was that for us.  I suggest the following ideas for allowing Him to refresh you if you find yourself at the beach.

Rest and enjoy His beauty.  Spend time with family and friends, laughing and talking, playing games until the wee hours (like 10:00 pm).  Listen to soothing guitar music wafting down the steps.  Let the warm sand squish between your toes.  Peek under the water with your kids, looking for fish (and seaweed) around your toes.  Jump waves until your whole body is a wet noodle.  Build sand forts as high as you can before the waves take it down.  Dig a deep hole in the sand until you reach water.  Try boogie-boarding.  Belly laugh.  Ride bikes on flat streets, plowing through the standing water.  Buy a coconut monkey for your son.  Eat ice cream cake late at night.

May God refresh you in simple, unexpected ways.

Blessings to you,

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