Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freeze Wrestling

We have a fun game that Cupcake loves.  I like to play, because I have the easy job.  :-)

It's called Freeze Wrestling.

Equipment needed:
1 Strong and Playful Daddy.
1 Wild Child.
1 Keeper of the Light (That's me.).
1 wrestling surface.
1 dark room.
1 flashlight.

To giggle as much as possible, while expending enormous amounts of energy and building attachment.

Game Play:
Dad and Child take their places on the wrestling surface.  Mom turns off the light.  Wrestling ensues.  When Keeper of the Light shines the flashlight on wrestlers, they must freeze in the position they were caught in.   When the flashlight goes off, wrestling commences.  Game is over when Daddy is tired.  Everybody wins.  (Except maybe Daddy, who's exhausted.)

Enjoy our fun. For these shots, we played with a camera instead of a flashlight.


This one was after the game, right before the body slam...
Blessings to you,

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