Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Minute Friday - On Distance

Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama has a great writing exercise on Fridays.  Five Minute Fridays are a great way to learn to express yourself in a short amount of time.  That's good for me, since most posts take me hours and hours to write.

Here are the rules:
  • Using the prompt, write for five minutes only.
  • No editing.  Be free from those constraints.
  • Link back to her blog.  (Click on the button below to get there.)
  • Go read others' posts and leave comments.
Today's Five Minute Friday writing prompt is

On Distance:

8667 miles.

That is the distance from here to my friend in the Philippines.  

Halfway around the world.  But right here in my heart.

We talk on the internet, but we're not internet friends.  We go way back...before Al Gore invented the internet.  :-)  Before kids.  

She was my husband's pen pal in college.  You know, stamps, envelopes, paper.  When we got married, she carefully offered to go quietly out of his life.  But instead, a friendship developed across the miles.  We're two moms, just alike.  We do our best.  We work hard.  We pray for our kids.  We love others.  We can fight like mama-bears.  We encourage each other.  

She is a blessing to me.  :-)

8000 miles is just a mouse-click away.  We are close by, even across land and sea.

That's it for today.  

Five Minute Friday.  You should give it a try.

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

It's so sweet to read of such a good friendship stretching across the miles. Thanks for sharing!

A Plain Path said...

Very sweet...thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the linkup!

ixy said...

What a wonderful picture of a good friendship - I really enjoyed your post.

Thanks for stopping my blog last Friday :)

Mama Bear said...

Great post, again. Thanks for sharing!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Mamita, I especially like your post because it is about a friend you have in MY country, the Philippines. You must know something about the warmth of our people and how we're the "happiest" people on earth- that's accdg to an article I read in Time magazine. I can well believe it, because even during calamities, filipinos find a way to see the humor in the bad situation. Thank you for sharing!

Tony and Sarah said...

I enjoyed your post very much. It brought back memories of my old pen pal, Talia. We would write back and forth and formed the sweetest of friendships. Then high school started and we lost touch. This makes me want to try and reconnect with her again.

SLB said...

THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR US... I AM DEEPLY TOUCH...feel great..lucky to have your family in our life...