Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washington, DC - Day 2

Our second day in DC was not quite as crazy as the first. We dragged out of bed and lazed around the room for a good part of the morning. Once we arrived in the city, we started our day at the International Spy Museum.

Sorry. No pictures allowed inside the museum. This is all I've got.

It was VERY COOL! I highly recommend it for bigger kids. It was well worth the price. They have a lot of actual spy gadgets that were used back in the day and a large collection of things collected from people who got busted spying on America. We could have spent the whole day there. Unfortunately, Sunshine became quite sick within the first hour. He had a headache and nausea and was ghostly white. He sat down whenever he could and tried to tough it out for the other kids, but he was truly miserable, so we hurried along. Once he got out into the fresh air and got something in his tummy, he perked back up, so we continued our sight-seeing extravaganza.

After lunch, the boys wanted to finish up the Air and Space Museum, while the girls wanted to go see the First Ladies' Exhibit. We left the boys with the rockets and hiked across the Mall back to the Museum of American History. On the way, we stopped in to the Natural History Museum just to see the dinosaur bones.

The First Ladies' Exhibit was really neat. The girls loved all the ball gowns and shoes and purses. Fun. Fun. Sorry, I have no pictures. I guess we were too busy ooohing and aaahing over the fashions.

Then we went over to the Abraham Lincoln Exhibit. It was outstanding. We have extensively studied the Civil War, so most of the exhibit contained things that we could relate to. Sugar was fascinated by the whole thing. She had the only camera on this excursion, so we just got artifacts, not family. :-)

This is a cast of President Lincoln's face early on.
And this is a cast at the end. It is astounding how much the war aged him.His blood-stained cuff.

On the way back to the Air and Space Museum to meet the guys, we heard and saw police cars racing down the street. They pulled over and arrested a man about 50 yards in front of us. There were 6 cars on the scene and 4 officers on top of this guy. He was crying that he didn't do anything and she just sprayed him with mace. Someone in the crowd mentioned an undercover officer. The girls wouldn't let go of my hands, so I couldn't get a picture of the scene until we were well past it. It was definitely exciting, but it brought up all kinds of questions about bad guys and safety. Poor Cupcake suddenly felt very unsafe. She held our hands pretty tightly the rest of the day. Lots of conversation followed. In the end, I think it really helped her to see that bad guys get caught and it is not fun for them.

They are just putting him in the police car, but you can't really see anything.

Things the boys saw at the Air and Space Museum...

After we met the guys, we took two last pictures, trudged back to the train station, rode home, and relaxed at the hotel for the evening.

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What a trip...it sounds so fun!!!