Friday, September 24, 2010

Bits of Wisdom

Our Empowered to Connect Conference was a gold mine of wisdom. I took lots of notes and I am going back through them to solidify what we learned. I'll share with you the wisdom Dr. Purvis shared with us and also some thoughts I had on what she said over the next few weeks. I have a new label for Empowered to Connect, so you can find all the posts at once. Sometimes it will be a coherent thought stream, and sometimes just bits and pieces. Tonight, you get just a smattering. This Mama is exhausted. ;-)

Give your child a sensory rich experience. Try:
  • play-doh
  • finger paints
  • fidgets - little toys they can fidget with that have a variety of textures and sensory stimuli
  • wall-pushing
  • rice
  • sand
  • pudding
  • mud
  • slime
  • silly putty
  • mini-trampoline
  • running

These things may be too much for a child who has not had any stimulus, but introducing one thing and showing the child that it's okay can be a growing, trusting experience for your little one.

Even snacks can be sensory rich. Did you know that sweet=calm and sour=alert? That explains why my little tornado LOVES sugar. It helps her calm down. Now I have scientific proof of what I naturally suspected.

Blessings to you,


Mike and Christie said...

Love Empowered to Connect! They have a lot of video on their website. :)
It is amazing after going to a conference that your brain just gets so full, info can only come out in short spurts. That is how it is for me anyhow. :)

ManyBlessings said...

You KNOW I'm excited to read your posts on this! Even if it is in short bursts. :)

One question, what is "wall pushing"?


Kim said...

Have NEVER heard of Empowered to Connect...guess with all this much buzz on your blog...I'd better go take a gander at it!!! LOL

Faith, Family, Future said...

Ok lovin this.....I need copies of your notes!! :) I am with D....what is wall pushing?

SLB said...

It sounds interesting and exciting...can't wait to read the stuff you will be writing..

one thankfulmom said...

That explains why I crave sweets -- I need more calm!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the conference; maybe I'll make it to the next one.

Thank you for recommending my blog too!