Friday, August 27, 2010

Miracle Kids

As we were visiting with Tammy's family, I was struck by how awesome our God is. Here in this tiny restaurant sat 2 miracles. Well, more, actually. But that's a story for another day.

As I mentioned in my last post, we were both members of a group of ladies who were caught in very long, difficult adoptions from Guatemala. It was know as the Long-Road-Home.

This Long-Road-Home group consisted of the moms of children with a variety of complicated circumstances. Some of these ladies had no reason whatsoever for a long adoption, but some had lazy lawyers or inept agencies. Some had birthmother complications or special situations which caused investigations and higher scrutiny. Many of the gals had downright corrupt adoption agencies.

Tammy had a corrupt agency. (For you cynics out there, who think you are too smart to get suckered by crooks: You would not believe the incredible lengths some of these "agencies" went to to cover their tracks and appear legitimate.) I don't recall the details, but federal charges were pressed. You can imagine the chances of getting your child home when felons are involved in the case. But God does not operate by chance and there is nothing too hard for Him. After 2 years, countless prayers, skin-of-their-teeth encounters, and extraordinary measures, they brought their beautiful son home! What a testimony to God's faithfulness! We were eyewitnesses to a miracle.

Cupcake's story is complicated. She was relinquished for adoption, which means that her birthmom knowingly placed her for adoption and agreed to follow the procedures. Early in the process, she abandoned Cupcake. In Guatemala, that is a red flag for fraud and the child is usually removed from all ties and placed in state care. Cupcake was allowed to continue with our lawyer. She had to go to court to be declared abandoned. Abandonment is risky. The judges often declare the whole thing a mess, cut ties, and send the kids to state care. (By the way, state care is a life sentence. Children in state care are never, ever adopted.) She sailed through abandonment in 7 months. After she was declared an orphan, she had to go through the regular adoption process, which was extra-scrutinized due to the unusual circumstances. All this to say that Cupcake's adoption was very high risk. Most kids who face this situation do not come home (like 95%). If they do, it takes years and years. Cupcake came home in just over 2 years. It was a miracle.

By all earthly measures, these two should not be here. Logic, probability, and common sense all tell us that. Only God could have pulled this off. I believe that He specifically brought them out for a reason. He has big plans for them. I am excited to see how He works in their lives. It will turn out to be quite an adventure, I'm sure.

Blessings to you,

PS. The gratitude and awe I feel as I consider these miracles does not diminish the pain and heartache I feel for all my friends and their children who were left behind or are still stuck waiting to come home. If you would, please pray for those kids. It's been three years since adoptions closed in Guatemala and so many are still waiting.


Laurie said...

Miracles Indeed! God is doing a beautiful work! A work to behold--a work we will be blessed to witness!

Kim said...

They are DEFINATELY miracles!!! God is SOOO good!!!