Friday, August 13, 2010

College Bound

Well, the supplies are bought, the van is loaded, and the box of Kleenex is in the front seat. We are ready to take our firstborn away to college for the first time tomorrow. Gulp.

We'll be taking Sunshine and Cupcake with us. Sunshine because he is best friends with his big brother and Cupcake because she needs to see that Tim has a place to live and he hasn't just gone off to oblivion. Sugar has a Six Flags day tomorrow, so she said her "good-byes" tonight.

It's been sinking in, but it was like a smack in the face with reality to see his bare room tonight.

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm going to miss that kid. He is a calm presence in the midst of our chaotic household. He is the expert at all things technical. He is the watcher of "The Office" and "Psych". He is the player of Coldplay. He is my extra driver.

But, more than these things, I'm going to miss him because he's my first and he's always been here. I've always been involved to a great extent in his life. I'm sure he will succeed and have a great time. This is necessary and good. I'm very exited for him, but it still feels painful. Sigh.

So, I'll take a deep breath and move forward. What else can I do?

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...

((Hugs)) to you as you begin this new chapter. It's such a strange place to be to have them all grown up. It really DOES go too quickly doesn't it. :/

You did a great job mommy!

Karla said...

Have a fun day! This will be a great experience for Tim-he will do well! I'll be praying for you.

Patty :) said...

I'll be in your shoes next Saturday - kleenex in hand and all. {{HUGS}} to you!!

Kim said...

praying for you and sending love your way...see you soon at the BCLC orientation. Love to you MamaJ!