Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anniversary Getaway :-)

We're back from our little excursion. It was really good.

Good for the marriage.
Good for the mind.
Good for the body.
Good for the soul.
Good for the Mommy.
Good for the Daddy.

As I said, on Friday night, I received a mysterious letter asking me to pack an overnight bag with casual clothes (also bags for the girls to go to Grandma and Grandpa's).

On Sunday, as soon as Steve and the girls got back from their birthday party, we dropped them at the grandparents' and jumped in the van. I was driving.

"Where are we going?"

TomTom will tell you.

TomTom directed us about an hour northeast of here. We traveled along the scenic "Great River Road" (That is along the Mississippi River, for all of you out-of-towners.) It's known for it's beautiful scenery and an abundance of eagles. In my 24 years in St. Louis, I've never been up this way. It was beautiful and we saw lots and lots of eagles.

We ended in the little town of Grafton, Illinois, at the Tara Point Inn and Cottages.

We stayed in the cottages. The view was gorgeous! Who knew we had such a beautiful vista right here in the St. Louis area? They were clean, spacious, private and altogether perfect for a little retreat.

After a relaxing hour or two, we headed out to eat dinner. We chose the Fin Inn, with it's large table-side aquariums. It's kind of fun to eat with the fish.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the Mississippi was at flood stage and we had to take several detours just to get around town.

Oh, and while we were eating, a massive thunderstorm roared into town. It continued to roar throughout the evening.

We spent the evening winding down and relaxing, watched a movie, read books, and other fun stuff. It was so peaceful and refreshing. I love being inside a cozy room, watching a big storm roll through. It was quite a lightening show being up on the bluffs. I wish I could have gotten some pictures.

Monday, we slept in, ate a light breakfast in the cottage and spent the morning reading on the front porch, watching for eagles, listening to the wildlife, soaking in the quiet.

We attempted to drive up to Pere Marquette State Park to see if we could hike a little while, but the rains from the previous evening closed the road.

We tried to wind our way around to find entry into the park from another way, but to no avail. And we were making TomTom really mad by this time. I thought for sure it was going to start yelling at us to TURN THE CAR AROUND AT THE FIRST STINKING AVAILABLE POINT!!!

So, instead, we hit a few antique shops and flea markets, as well as a fudge shop. :-)

After we were shopped out, we started back down the "Great River Road" to Godfrey, Illinois, so we could dine at the famed "Josephine's Tea Room" for lunch. It was a lovely day, so we ate outside. After about one minute, we realized that Steve was, indeed, the only man in the entire place. Even so, it was a very, very good lunch, and the dessert was fabulous.

After our lunch, we jumped in the car and wound our way home, rested, refreshed and ready to tackle crazy family life together.

Together. That's where I want to be.

Together, with my adorable, kind-hearted, thoughtful husband, we can tackle anything.

Blessings to you,


Kim said...

That is SO awesome!!! What an adventurous husband you have...mine used to be like that!!! LOL When he lived in PA he surprised me one time by picking me up from the airport and us driving almost all night to take me to the Poconos for my was SO neat! Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL pics and great review...I'm always looking for nice, quite, fun getaway places close to home...looks like I should add this one to my list. XO to you!

ManyBlessings said...

That's so awesome!!! :) What a beautiful place too!