Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey Mr. Bad Guy...

Mr. Bad Guy is back. He is really never far from our minds, but he's been front and center over the last few weeks.

One day, in therapy, Cupcake relived some of her early trauma.

In therapy, we play whatever is on Cupcake's mind. I was the mama. She was the sister. Our therapist was another sister. The bad guy came. We stopped him. We called the police. They took him away forever. Then there was another bad guy. We took care of him. Then another. And another. And another.

This happens at least once a month.

Our therapist said that she was a textbook case of hyper-vigilance. She never feels safe. Even if we eliminate the bad guys, she lives in fear.

It is very disheartening to not be able to make your child feel safe.


Then, I had an inspiration. Literally.

I got down on my knees and I told her that I knew just the Person who was stronger than any bad guy in the whole world. He loved her more than anything. No bad guy can escape and get away with it. He never lets His guard down and He lives at our house.

Her eyes got big and she said, "Daddy?"

No. Daddy's strong, but This Guy is stronger than even Daddy.


Yes, Baby.

So that evening, we put out the warning signs on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.

Notice, on the last picture, Cupcake made Jesus shiny white and with a crown.

The King of Kings will win! :-D

My baby felt safe that night. :-)

When I pray with her at bedtime, I try to remember to invite Jesus to watch over and protect my daughter all through the night and always.

We are doing many things to help her feel that the world is a safe place. I will continue to share what works for us (or at least what we've tried.)

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...

:) ((HUGS)) for your baby. Give her a big squeeze for me. God is big little Cupcake. Very, very big.

Kim said...

Such a SWEET drawing...pray she will learn to lean on and trust in HIM!!! I know this MUST be difficult for you all but I KNOW that God is with you! Love to you!