Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miscellaneous Medical News

We've had lots of "little" stuff going on at our house since the holidays. Nothing earth-shattering, but significant, none-the-less.

First off, as we were running our pre- and post-Christmas errands, I noticed that Cupcake was asking to go to the bathroom a lot, sometimes twice in the same store. And not just a dribble or a trickle. At first, I was annoyed.

"...Really? We have to go ALL the way across the store again? Are you sure? Sigh..."

Pretty quickly, it became a HUGE RED FLAG! I know too many moms whose kids have diabetes. And in each case, the first symptom was excessive urination. Other symptoms include excessive thirst. No problem there. Mood swings? Uh, yeah... And I've already mentioned her unhealthy obsession with sugar.

Or it could be a bladder infection? That would be okay. We could handle that.

Or it could be emotional/behavioral. She has so many issues, it could be fear, regression, trauma triggered by anything. I really suspected this, but...

I had to rule out medical issues.

So, Monday morning, I called the Dr.

He wanted to see her.

I began really fretting. I can handle WAY more than I ever thought possible, but this (diabetes)??? The one area of my life where I lack self-discipline is diet. (Well, that and house cleaning ;-)) I was praying that the Lord was not teaching me the hard way to eat only what I need and not so much of what I want.


She peed in a cup. Well, kind of. ;-) The Dr. tested it.

It came back clean! She has absolutely NO sign of diabetes. She does not have a bladder infection. The Dr. thinks it is most likely a temporary stress or uncertainty causing her to focus on the urgency.

Yeah us!

In other news...

Sunshine went today to have his spacers put in for braces next week. He is really sore and does not think this is one bit fun.

Sugar has been complaining about not being able to see the board at school. She just got new glasses in June. So, I took her in today for an eye exam. Sure enough, her eyes have significantly worsened. :-( They are now worse than mine. :-( But, she was very excited when I told her she could get contacts! It was quite a session as they taught her how to put them in and take them out. But, she's got it! She can do it! We'll see how she does taking care of them, but I think she has the maturity to handle it.

Cupcake has some kind of bug bite on her eyelid and it's swollen and hurts. We gave her Benedryl after dinner and she's been sleeping since about 7:30. I hope she sleeps all night through.

TE is perfectly healthy with no medical issues. :-)

That does it for our incredibly long, non-newsworthy update.

Blessings to you,