Saturday, January 16, 2010


My heart is so broken for the people of Haiti. I haven't really had much opportunity to see the broadcast news in the past week or so, so I don't know how they have reported the tragedy there. But I have been following the blogs of a few people that are on the ground there. The reports from these people are devastating. The situation is critical. Time is critical.

If you can find a way, please give something to the relief effort.


Here are some links of reputable organizations that can help or who are desperate for help RIGHT NOW. The smaller, lesser known organizations are people that I have been following for a few years. They are not fly-by-night scammers. They have already walked alongside the people of Haiti for years. They are trusted in the community.

Troy and Tara Livesay - missionaries in Haiti

Heartline Ministries - pregnancy/women's center

Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center severe medical crisis center

World Wide Village - provide nutrition/education

For His Glory Outreach - orphanage in desperate need of supplies/money

International Mission Board - Southern Baptist Convention Haiti Relief Fund

Samaritan's Purse

American Red Cross

If you have a favorite organization that you prefer to give to, do it. Just give.

I am also asking you to pray for the people of Haiti. This is totally devastating to an already fragile country.

A situation that has my heart particularly sad is the orphan's plight. It is unimaginable how many children are new orphans. My heart is restless for those children who are desperately looking for their families. And then there are those that were in process to be adopted. In some cases, the paperwork is sitting in a pile of rubble. Please pray that the Haitian government would expedite these cases as humanitarian rescue.


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