Friday, September 4, 2009

Lost Marbles Report :-).

Sorry I did not report back sooner, but my plan seems to have worked. I woke up the next morning after a fitful night of sleep with no clue as to where the missing gift could be. a moment of lucidity, I did think of one more hiding place to check....

Lo and behold, the package was there! I guess you could say that I started my Christmas shopping early. :-)

Lest you think my marbles are all found...

The same day I found the gift, more marbles fell out. :-)

Now, in my defense, I have been spending ALL DAY Monday/Wednesday/Friday driving TE to and from his classes at various nearby universities. I literally alternate between 20 minute trips and 30-40 minutes at home - ALL DAY LONG. So, this week, I arranged for a friend of his, who has a class at the same time, to give TE a ride to the other university after the first hour class. That freed up so much time that I now have more than 2 hours at home all in a row. YEAH ME! I drop TE off after breakfast and pick him up right before lunch.

So, mid-morning, I look up at the clock, and exclaim, "Oh! I gotta go pick up TE!"

I jump in the van and high-tail it on over to the campus. I'm sitting in the lot and I see one of TE's friends. I usually see this guy walking out of class the same time as TE. But this time...he's walking into the building. Hmmm....that's strange... That's when I looked down at the clock and realized I was a WHOLE HOUR EARLY to pick up TE!


If I didn't laugh at myself, I'd cry.

How about you? Are you losing your marbles. Tell me about it. We can all laugh together.

PS. This weekend, I'll be working on a scheduling system.

Blessings to you,

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Tracy said...

I can relate all too well!! You are so right, if you don't laugh you'd be crying way too much.