Sunday, September 6, 2009

Losing My Marbles

Well, I guess it looks like this may be a regular feature here at Life With Mamita.

The other day, I was doing the Wii Fit. I chose the short run.

As you run, other people (Mii's) run through the park. Some pass you, and some are running in the opposite direction. There are also Mii's that are standing along the trail, cheering you on.

So, there I am running along in the privacy of my family room. I look up, and there is Jesus cheering me on! How cool is that?!?! So I say, "That was cool! Jesus was cheering me on!"

Sugar was surprised, because she had never seen the Jesus Mii in the park.

So the next time I ran, Sugar watched.

"There He is! It's Jesus cheering me on!"

Sugar rolled her eyes. "M-O-M, that's Weird Al."


Our Weird Al wears a long white robe and has long, dark curly hair - similar to this one, but not so kooky looking.

I like the idea of Jesus cheering me on better. In my mind, I'm just going to pretend...

Blessings to you,

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Tracy said...

That is hilarious! Also, so you are a fellow home schooler? COOL. Too bad you don't live here Julie, we are a lot alike :)