Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Fish

I wish you could've seen it. Cupcake is very close to becoming a little fish.

All three big kids learned to swim years ago. They are now all great swimmers - far exceeding their mom's abilities. For years, I just enjoyed the water and checked head counts every so often, with nary a worry.

Along came Cupcake.

She loved the water, but really, REALLY had no concept of breathing air and not water. Inevitably, she would take on water and barf. Every time. Last summer, we stayed close to the edge, so we could hoist her up to toss her cookies on the side of the pool. She hung on pretty close around our necks and used her safety swimsuit or water wings all the time. By the end of summer, she could put her head under the water and hold her breathe - AT THE SAME TIME! - at least most of the time...

Fast forward to this summer. She's jumping off the side without anyone to catch her (in the shallow end.) She wants her water wings off so she can dive for "fish". And today --- she learned to swim under water - about 6 feet! That was cool! And then...she started doing front somersaults under water! The first one was an accident. But she did two more in a row on purpose!

Near the end, she did suck in some water and tossed her cookies. But still...I'm pretty sure that we've got a little fish on our hands. :-)

Blessings to you,

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Kim said...

AWESOME!!! A picture or two???