Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ode to Bessie

Oh Bessie, Oh Bessie,
Shiny and red,
We drove you until,
You're almost dead.

You've been a good car,
We're thankful for that,
Except for the transmission,
the A/C and the flat.

Fourteen years
You've hauled us around,
Now is the time,
For a new car in town.

Our memories are clear,
We'll never forget,
You kept us all safe,
And we got where we went.

You've been up to the Dells,
And down to the border,
And we've always kept you,
in good working order.

Remember the Rockies,
When we slept in the back,
Afraid of the cold,
and that bears would attack.

We loaded you down,
You barely could make it,
In the mountains,
40 was all we could take it. (MPH, that is)

You've lived through two homes,
And kiddos times three,
Three churches, two trucks and a car.
Oh, how can it be?

Remember the date,
In the church parking lot.
Remember the glare,
of the officer's spot!

We really just stopped,
to talk and to plan.
We were shocked at the siren,
the lights, the knock on the van!

I'm giggling now,
as I laugh through the tears!
Imagine getting caught "parking",
At forty-two years!

Thanks for the memories,
Bessie, my friend.
Try not to think,
That this is the end.

This is the start
of a brand-spanking new deal,
You get to be driven,
by a teen at the wheel!


ManyBlessings said...

Hahahahaha!!! Good luck Bessie! I'll be thinking about you! ;D

DFNY said...

That was terrific, Julie. And the part about "parking at 42 yrs"--hysterical. Hope your next car is as good as ole Bessie.


Deb said...

too funny.

Love to you,