Tuesday, July 14, 2015

God Redeems "Blonde" Moments

I was once really a blonde.  And I was also a stereotypical blonde.

I believe that God does not waste one moment or experience of our lives when we belong to Him.

Even "blonde" moments.

Tonight, through an unfortunate mishap, a fine mist of motor oil was sprayed all over Steve's car. It was thick enough that you couldn't see through the windows and it was dripping down the side.

What to do?

When the big companies have oil spills, they use Dawn dish-washing detergent to clean the ducks up.  So, I grabbed a bucket, a sponge and my Dawn.

The oil LAUGHED at the Dawn.  It did not even begin to cut through the grease! We tried brushes.  We tried the pressure washer. Nothing worked!  Panic started to set in.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I recalled a faint memory.  Something that cuts grease better than Dawn...

Once upon a time, a young blonde talked to her friend on the phone.  What the blonde heard was, "Did you try the new Vaseline treatment for your hair?  You just put it on and rinse it out the next morning, and your hair feels fabulous!"  (This was way before Pinterest and Google.)  What was actually said was "...Vaseline brand Hot Oil Treatment..."

So, young, blonde Julie proceeded to rub Vaseline Petroleum Jelly ALL.OVER.HER.HAIR!

Next morning, it didn't rinse out.  It didn't wash out. So I washed it again. And again!  AND AGAIN!  I finally approached my mom with my dilemma.  We tried everything!  TWENTY-SIX WASHES LATER, we discovered that SHAVING CREAM cuts through the grease like nothing else!

I ran to the bathroom and found a full can of shaving cream, probably from the 90's.  I squirted a blob onto the window and sponged it around.  It rinsed off grease-free!

I never thought that embarrassing experience would come back to be so useful in the future!  God really does redeem everything!


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Dawn said...

Tucking that one away for future reference lol! Vaseline.....hahahaha!!! :D