Friday, February 21, 2014

A Friend Indeed

 Sometimes, all you need to get through a situation is just one friend.
Just one person who “gets” you.

In the world of parenting high-risk kids, those kind of people can be pretty few and far between.

So, how did I get so lucky blessed?

I have several friends I can turn to when I need a hug or a moment to vent.  These gals are not afraid of my story – in fact, they can relate.  These girls don't shrink back from the ugly truth or gasp in horror when I share the hard stuff.  They can discern if I need a shoulder to cry on, a gentle encouragement to face my troubles with grace, or Scripture to set my heart right.  They can give advice because they’ve earned my respect. And always… they pray.  These are women who’ve been broken before God, pouring their hearts out on behalf of the children they were called to care for. The kind of people who will drop everything and plead my case before the Lover of our souls.

I do not take their friendship for granted. They are a lifeline for me. Some are online, some flesh-and-blood right here in St. Louis. All are dear to me.
You know who you are. Thank you.
This past week Two weeks ago, I had the unexpected pleasure of renewing an old friendship and discovering that I have yet another trauma mama in my network.  There are so many similarities in our stories. Our circumstances are different, yet we instantly knew we were on the same page. She is ahead of me on this bumpy road and has much wisdom gleaned from her life experiences.  Just knowing that she understands is like breathing cool, fresh air after being in a hot, stuffy attic.  The encouragement is felt in every interaction.

I am thankful for my trauma mama comrades.
How about you?  Do you have someone who "gets" you?  In real life or online?
Blessings to you,

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