Saturday, December 4, 2010

Comfortable in His Manhood

I married a man's man. He's not afraid of what others may think. (Well, maybe a little...) But, nevertheless, he knows what's most important, and he's willing to act on it.

Cupcake has had a rough couple of weeks. Steve traveled and I was sick (at the same time) back in November. At school, her beloved wonderful teacher suddenly went on bed-rest a month before her due date. Two classmates and a neighber friend moved in the past month with very little notice. The Thanksgiving break with low structure, combined with Tim coming home and leaving again was stressful.

All of these things could throw a regular kid into meltdown. It's exponential for Cupcake. We've had an significant increase in defiance and behavior issues.

So, knowing that Cupcake was needing some special one-on-one time (and I was needing a break from the neediness), Steve offered to let Cupcake do a makeover on him.

Oh yes he did.

We began to see smiles.

We all giggled, then laughed until I was crying/snorting/snot-bubbling.

She likes that eyeliner.

It got worse. In the end, he looked like a cross between Marilyn Manson and the Easter Bunny, but I'll spare you those gruesome photos. Let's just say there's virtually no hope of him ever running for public office.

I think it was just the thing to turn Cupcake around. It lightened the mood in our house considerably for everyone. Things are looking up again. :-)

Thank you, Daddy, for doing what's needed, even if it's a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...

Aww....way to go daddy! There's something about a dad that a mom just can't be. Thanking God for daddy's like S!!

Kim said...

That's SO awesome of Steve...WoW - What a guy!!! Hope you are all feeling better soon! Love to you!

SLB said...

Awesome Steve.....great.. congrats Cupcake! you did it..unleash the funny side of Daddy...proud of you friend...after 29 years, a great photo shared..